Why Look for Lahmajun Near Me? Why Is It Popular?

We all know that Mediterranean area is highly rich in cultural diversity, cuisines, and ethnicity. When it comes to food, you will find that The Mediterranean people are madly in love with the smell of fresh bread.


The Italian made pizza become world-famous with their freshly baked bread, cheese, and choices of other toppings. However, when we talk of bread, Mediterranean people are also not far behind. They do have their own meat pizza. This is a popular dish and knows by a variety of names.


If there is someone who wants to know – “where can I find lahmajun near me?” Should immediately hunt down those Armenian Bakeries on the Board way and try this pizza immediately.


This is a gourmet rich pizza that claims the ownership of the invention, originality, and share of love poured in it to prepare.


What does this Lahmajun mean?


Wikipedia says that this meat pizza took its birth at Levant in the Middle East. The word in Arabic means a mold prepared from meat and dough. It is a kind of freshly baked dough for pizza prepared with ground beef or lamb. You will find in two varieties – one with the lamb minces and other with beef minces.


There was a gastronome asking where can I find lahmajun near me? Well, in Glendale, Sasoun Bakery is one name who is currently serving both traditional and spicy version of lahmajun.


What is the difference between conventional and spicy lahmajun?


Traditional meat pizza generally consists of ground beef, pomegranate syrup, yogurt, chopped onions, salt and pepper to taste. Then mixed well and spread to make a thin layer of dough.


Whereas the spicy version is having chopped onions, ground beef, tomatoes, red pepper, bell pepper, garlic, cilantro and some selected spices.


If you think or have a thought to taste lahmajun near me in with the pure Armenian touch – then let not the time run away. Try out this weekend!

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