This Christmas Armenian Bakery is Serving Some Delightful Dishes

If you have a trying to find an Armenian bakery near you – then I think there is a solution. Since America is welcoming Mediterranean cuisines with a large heart.


Many have been putting up questions on the food blogging sites, where can I find “Armenian bakery near me.” Well for them we have an answer. Sasoun Bakery in Glendale, California is offering some of the delightful Serbian and Armenian baked cuisines.


Why do you think Armenian bakery near me is gaining high popularity?


Armenian bakery is having rich Mediterranean flavors and has their own variety of bread that makes the cuisines different from Italian or other European delights. To get a taste of the Armenia you must get into this shop at Glendale that serves boreg, meat and cheese burek, and lahmajun.


  1. Boreg is nothing but a flaky pastry that comes stuffed with cheese, herbs, and spices. You will find it fresh as the bakery makes new pastries each day. This family of a bakery in Glendale is having their true roots in Armenia and that reflects in the taste of their foods.
  2. Lahmajun is yet another delightful dish that is becoming highly popular in various regions of America. It is one of the Armenian meat pizzas with two rich varieties. You will find a traditional one made with ground beef or lamb, mixed with yogurt and pomegranate syrup. Whereas the spicier version has, meat mixed with spices, bell pepper, red peer, cilantro to make it fiery.
  3. Burek is yet another native dish of Armenia it is a meat and cheese filled pastry, which is also available at Armenian bakery near me.
  4. You can easily have them fresh from the oven and can easily please the crowd you take. Make sure to spice up your winter with new Armenian dishes.

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