Enjoy Lahmajune At Any Time Of The Day

If you live in Los Angeles and of are a fan of Armenian baked goods then Sasoun Bakery is here to take care of your Lahmajune cravings. Lahmajune, also known as lahmacun, lahmajoun, Lahmajeen, is a traditional Armenian dish made with dough, meat and spices. This dish can be eaten any time of the day and is perfect for eating on the go.


100% Armenian Lahmajune


Despite the size of LA it can be quite difficult to find a wide array of traditional Armenian goods but there are a number of bakeries, like Sasoun, that transport you to the streets of Armenia. Sasoun has 6 bakeries situated across LA, in Hollywood, Glendale, Van Nuys, Reseda, and La Crescenta, all of which have freshly made Lahmajeen every day. Our dough is made up of high-quality ingredients lovingly handled by our experienced bakers who follow authentic Armenian recipes.


Family Recipe


The recipes that we follow at Sasoun Bakery is based on a traditional family recipe that we are proud to bring to food lovers across LA. In Armenia, each family will have their own special Lahmajune recipes based on dough and meat, so you may have slightly different Lahmajune in each bakery that you visit. No matter what type of Lahmajune you eat you must know that any family based bakery making fresh products would be far superior to any supermarket trying to make food based on Armenian favorites.


Lahmajune for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Lahmajoun is a great dish to eat any time of the day, although it is particularly great for when you need lunch on-the-go or you want a filling snack to see you through to dinner. If eating for breakfast or dinner it can be eaten on its own, either hot or cold, and if eating for dinner you can serve it with a big salad or other traditional Armenian dishes.


To sample some of the best Lahmajeen in Los Angeles, drop into Sasoun Bakery where our range of Armenian baked goods is waiting for you.

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