Finger Licking Breads To Try At Best Bakeries In Los Angeles

Are you trying to have some great Armenian bread in this holiday? So, let your search end at Los Angeles. As a number of best bakeries in Los Angeles has started to gain momentum for their exception and delightful dishes, Armenian breads are a must try in this holiday.


You will find a number of options in an Armenian bakery, but when it comes to baked option – it is their breads, which you must give a try. Sasoun bakery is one such name in the top best bakeries in Los Angeles that offers a variety of breads. Here are some of the names, which we will like to discuss in our article.


Pita bread – Do not confuse it with Pita bread. It is quite simple to make and often a baker prepares it with very few ingredients. They put some olive oils, salt, milk, flour, water and some yeast to make the bread fluffy.


Choereg – It is a kind of Armenian sweet bread. It is a delicious serve in the winter morning with a cup of hot coffee. It requires whole milk, margarine, unsalted butter, white sugar, lukewarm and yeasts to make it distinctive flavor and aroma.


Tahini rolls – It is a typical kind of Armenian bread, which is sweet to taste. Generally made of sweet yeast, sugar and sesame seed spreads and found in all best bakeries in Los Angeles.


Lahmajun –An Armenian-style pizza made of new kind of stuffing and fresh breads every time, which you generally do not find in an Italian pizza. It is made of ground beef or lamb with a number of ingredients like spices, pepper or yogurt to prepare two varieties – one is traditional other is a spiced-version.


Gata bread – This sweet bread is similar to coffee cake served in American homes. You can find this bread in a number of shapes and sizes. Though it is popular during Candlemas, but as the popularity has spread across the world, so it is now available throughout the year. It uses sugar, flour; unsalted butter, vanilla extracts, and egg wash to prepare their delicacy.




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