Indulge in Boreg this Weekend


03 June 2022

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Indulge in Boreg this Weekend

Indulge in Boreg this Weekend


If you are looking for something different to try for lunch this weekend, why not head to Sasoun Bakery to sample our famous meat boreg. Boreg, also known as borek is a traditional Armenian dish that is lovingly handmade by our family run team every day.


Armenian Food


Armenian food is becoming more popular in Los Angeles as people seek out traditional food from their homeland. With LA being such a multicultural hub, people are flocking to taste classic Armenian dishes such as meat boreg and lahmajune. Due to the landscape of Armenia, it is rich in vegetable, herbs, grains, and spices and has a long history of cattle herding which means that there is a lot of beef on the menu. Meat boreg consists of dough (which is made to a flaky finish), meat or cheese and herbs and spices.


Sasoun Bakery


Baked goods are an easy way to eat while you are out and about in Los Angeles. Whether you are celeb hunting, shopping, or sightseeing, you are bound to get hungry at some point during the day. If you do not fancy sitting down to a long lunch then you can just head one of our Los Angeles stores, with outlets in some of the most popular areas of LA, including Hollywood and Glendale. While there, you can pick up boreg at a great price and can either sit in for a quick rest of the legs or take it out.


Eat on the Go


Boreg is easy to eat on the go making it ideal for picnics and desk lunches. The flaky pastry may get a little messy but the fun is in the eating when it comes to great tasting food. A treat that children and adults alike will love, why not head to our bakery this weekend before heading out for a day in the city with friends.


To sample our meat borek head to one of our five Sasoun stores throughout Los Angles to give yourself a real treat this weekend.

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