Enjoy A Middle Eastern Brunch In LA

Los Angeles is a hot-bed of great food from around the world and there are lots of cuisines for you to try out. If you are a fan of Middle-Eastern food and want to enjoy the most authentic foods, Sasoun Bakery is a family-run business recreating family recipes from the past.


Middle Eastern Food LA


If you were to ask anyone in Los Angeles what the best Middle Eastern bakery is they will say Sasoun Bakery. As the authentic bakery is family-led and has freshly baked good each day, loyal fans come back time and time again to get their fix. Sasoun bakes traditional Armenian food so that you can get your fix of Middle Eastern flavors in the heart of Los Angeles. Armenian food is all about simple ingredients that are put together with love and served simply. Here at Sasoun Bakery LA we use traditional family recipes to pack flavor into our handmade dough.


Brunch Favorites


Brunch is one of the best things to eat in LA, whether it be after a lazy morning at home, a picnic in the park, or eating in at your favorite restaurant. Sasoun make a variety of dishes that are perfect for lunch inducing a delicious meat pizza known as  Lamaju,  Lamaju, or lahmajune, among other regional spellings. Borek, also known as boreg, is another Armenian favorite consisting of a filled flaky pastry with cheese and spinach being a popular borek.


Call into one of our Los Angeles bakeries and enjoy an authentic Middle Eastern brunch today.

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