Meat And Cheese Burek – Famous Breakfast Of Serbia Is Now Available In CA

Meat and cheese burek is one of the most popular foods that originate in Serbia. Only a few specialized bakeries are currently making it. In Glendale, CA, you will find this at Sasoun bakery.


meat and cheese burek is not so easy to prepare. The baker often uses a large pan and cuts the baked dough into portions or as single pastries. The top of the burek also comes with sprinkled sesame seeds.


How Serbians like Burek to serve?


If you go to Serbia you will find that in the morning almost everyone in the local restaurant places a common order – it is nothing other than meat and cheese burek. Not just burek they also ask for yogurt to make it perfect to eat. In between the layers of the dough, you will find cheese, minced meat, greens and other spices.


You have to eat burek warm during any time you want. However, the burek makers say that it is good to have it in the early morning as breakfast. Since after a good night’s sleep or if you have night without sleep, or might go from home to school, gym, or way to work. Burek is sure to refill and lift your energy bars since the pastries are highly rich in calories.


You will find this Sasoun Bakery. The dough looks greasy and you will find them prepared in a number of ways to make it feel more yum and delicious.

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