Your Guide To The Best Armenian Bakery In Glendale

Have you ever tastes Armenian food? Heard of Sasoun Bakery but not quite sure what it is all about? Let the best Armenian bakery in Glendale talk you through all you need to know about our Armenian Bakery in Glendale.


Armenian Culture in LA


There is a section of Hollywood that is lovingly known as Little Armenia and there is a thriving Armenian culture in the Glendale area. Generations of Armenians live in the area and have proudly been sharing their culture with Americans for many decades. Where Armenian people settle great food is sure to follow and that is certainly the case in Glendale.


Armenian Recipes


The most traditional recipes served up in Armenian Bakeries are boreg, also known as borek, Meat Boreg, burek, Meat borek and Lahmajune, also known as lahmacun, lahmajoun, Lamaju, Lahmajin. Boreg is made up of a pastry that is filled with either cheese and meat and traditional Middle Eastern spices. Lahmajune is an Armenian pizza style dish that is based on a dough recipe that has been passed down through centuries in Armenia.


Staying True to Armenian Culture


Here at Sasoun Bakery we make sure that our dishes are as authentic as they possibly can be which means instilling pride in our team that they work in the best Armenian bakery in Glendale. Each staff member is educated on Armenian culture and the recipes that we use have been a hot within our community for the past 37 years.


Other dishes served up in our five Sasoun Bakery outlets are maneishe, cheorek and tahani bread. To taste all of our wonderful dishes make sure that you put a trip to the best Armenian bakery in Glendale in your diary and make sure you bring a friend!

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