Which One to Try – Traditional or Spicy Lahmjaun in Glendale CA

This Mediterranean delightful cuisine called Lahmajun is getting quite popular in the US. This Armenian pizza has its own originality and flavor, which is enough to attract gastronomes. There are a number of bakery stores mushrooming everywhere, and hence lahmajun in Glendale CA is not something hard to get.


One such name for pure Armenian bake cuisines is Sasoun Bakery and it is lahmajun, which makes them shine more. However, as a gastronome, you might know that a lahmajun is of two varieties. One is traditional or with the authentic ingredients. Other is a spicier version of lahmajun.


Which one is the best traditional lahmajun or spicier lahmajun?


This is hard to decide when you come to some Armenian bakery for lahmajun in Glendale CA.  There are two varieties and both tastes great.


Traditional Meat Pizza


Traditional lahmajun is very authentic to eat. The dough is prepared generally with ground beef or lamb meat. They mix pomegranate syrup, yogurt, chopped onions and finally some salt and pepper to taste. All of these ingredients are well mixed and spread into a thin layer to make the dough of the pizza.


Spicy Meat Pizza


Well, the correct origin of this version is yet unknown, but it is definitely very spicy and fiery to taste. Along with ground beef or lamb, it mixes tomatoes, chopped onions, red pepper, bell pepper, garlic, cilantro and some of the selected herbs and spices. Salt and pepper to taste as usual and finally spread the dough to make a layer. It is having a little thick crust compared to the original version.


So if you walk in search of lahmajun in Glendale CA make sure to give a try to both the version. This Armenian pizza is highly rich, soft, stuffy and exciting to eat. Let’s enjoy this Christmas with lahmajun!

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