Armenian Foods You Need To Try

If you like to eat food from around the world and are looking for some new dishes to try, Armenian baked goods are tasty and filling. We take a look at some of the best Armenian foods for you to try at the best Armenian bakery in Los Angeles




Boreg, also known as borek, is a pastry based food that can be eaten at Amy time of the day. It is usually filled with cheese and vegetables, such as spinach, and herbs which makes it great for eating for brunch and lunch.




Lahmajune is a god of Armenian cuisine and is a meat pizza like dish. Freshly made dough is lovingly topped with meats, tomatoes, and spices to make pizza with a twist.


Tahini Bread


Soft and full of flavor, tahini bread can be eaten on its own or filled with Armenian or American flavors for a quick snack.




Cheorek, also known as cheorog, is a sweet Armenian pastry that is very light and contains a cherry spice filling known as maheb. These little treats are great with a cup of coffee at breakfast time or an afternoon treat.


All of these dishes are cheap and filling making them great for those on a budget who are watching how much they spend on takeout and lunches. You can enjoy inside or takeout these foods for a picnic in the sun.


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