The Best Places For Breakfast In Glendale

Los Angeles is a haven for food lovers and, for many, there is nothing better than heading to their favorite restaurant for breakfast. If you love eating out in the Glendale area for breakfast or brunch and want to try something new and exciting, we take a look at some of the best places for breakfast in Glendale.


Sasoun Bakery


Sasoun Bakery is a family-run business that has authentic Middle Eastern cooking at the heart of its cooking. Blending influences from Syria, Armenian, and other Middle Eastern countries you can look forward to warming dishes such as a meat pizza (known as lamajo or lahmajo) and borek, which is a Pastry dish that can be filled with cheeses, meats, and sweet fillings.

Ideology Cafe


A Glendale favorite that serves up great coffee and traditional breakfast dishes such as eggs and pancakes.


Urartu Coffee


For some of the best waffles in LA and great avocado on toast in a cute setting. This place is very affordable and a great way to spend your morning.


Cafe Los Feliz


A great place fo breakfast if you like a mixture of classic breakfast dishes alongside awesome Mexican inspired dishes such as the breakfast burrito.


Wherever you try for breakfast in Glendale make sure that you try Sasoun Bakery at least once and we guarantee that you will be recommending to your friends!


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