Enjoy Authentic Lahmajun In LA


03 June 2022

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Enjoy Authentic Lahmajun In LA

Enjoy Authentic Lahmajun In LA

If you are a fan of Armenian food and want to enjoy the best Lahmajun LA has to offer, Sasoun Bakery serves the best in the city.


Lahmajun is a much-loved dish originating from Armenia, although some say Turkey, and is served in lots of countries across Europe and the Middle East. The dish is also known as Lahmajune, lahmacun, lahmajoun, Lahm bi ajeen and is delicious. Some people describe Lahmajun as a topped fatbread or a pizza due to its dough-based we Armenian’s think that it is much more than any pizza you have ever tasted.


Authentic Flavors


For lahmajun to be authentic it needs to contain the classic ingredients of thinly stretched dough topped with a unique combination of herbs, spices, tomatoes, and vegetables that celebrate Middle Eastern cooking. The best spice combination is a mix of cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin and cinnamon that come together to make this pizza-like dish its delicious flavor. There are lots of Middle-Eastern bakeries throughout LA but not all serve authentic dishes made with classic ingredients.


The Best Bakery in Glendale


If you want to enjoy the best Lahmajun Los Angeles has to offer you can find it at our Glendale bakery. We also have other stores in the city including Hollywood, Van Nuys, and Reseda. We are very proud of our family-run business that has been developed from a small shopfront in the Armenian district to flagship stores throughout LA. We serve our lahmajun as it should be, fresh and warm out of the oven.


If you want to enjoy authentic lahmajun head to Sasoun Bakery today and hear all about our story before ordering a delicious takeout for you and your family to enjoy.

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