Enjoy Your Pizza With A Twist At Sasoun Bakery

Pizza lovers unite! Come and try the best twist on a pizza possible in the form of lahmajun. Lahmajun, also known as Lamaju, Lahmajin, and Lahmajeen is an Armenian meat-based pizza that is loved the world over. The dish is traditionally made with ground lamb, lemon, and spices but can also be made with beef. There are many variations on Lahmajun but we believe that Sasoun bakery in Glendale CA is the best in the business.


History if Lahmajun


Lahmajun is a staple in Armenia and many other Middle Eastern countries. The name Lahmajun translates into ‘dough with meat’ and is a favorite of people of all ages throughout the Middle East.


The dish is made by thinly stretching dough so that it is round and then it is topped with meat, spices, herbs, tomatoes and vegetable, depending on each family’s recipe. This spices used in Lahmajun usually consist of cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin and cinnamon. Once all of the toppings are added the pizza is baked and served straight away, although it is still delicious served cold (just like your traditional pizza!)


Great for Vegetarians


You may associate Armenian baked good with meat, as there are many advertisements for meat pizza. While our lahmajun is amazing, as we are sure you would agree, there are alternatives also offered at Sasoun. If you are vegetarian, fear not as Sasoun Bakery has delicious offerings for you. Whether you want cheese boreg, tahini bread or spinach beorek, we have you covered in the best bakery in Glendale CA. So, if you are fed up with baked potatoes and cheese for lunch then head to one of our six outlets across Los Angeles for some tasty vegetarian food.

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