Lahmajune—The Armenian Version of Meat Pizza


03 June 2022

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Lahmajune—The Armenian Version of Meat Pizza

Lahmajune—The Armenian Version of Meat Pizza


Head to any street food truck or pizzeria in Los Angeles and you are sure to find a hundred different toppings and variations on the traditional Italian dish. For something very different, the Armenian dough dish Lamajune will delight pizza lovers in Los Angeles and beyond.


Alternative Meat Pizza


Like we say, Pizza is not confined to Italians and there are lots of pizza influenced dishes in countries all over the world. Armenian meat pizza is a unique take on the much loved dough based recipe and it is called Lamajune.  Lamajune is a dough based recipe that is topped with meat, usually beef but some recipes do use lamb, spices and herbs to give it a true taste of Armenia. Unlike some heavy pizzas, Lahmajune is a light bread and can be quite fragile which means it needs to be made by expert hands!


Lahmajune Origins


Lamajune, also known as Lamajo, Lahmajo is similar to other styles of meat pizza only so much more tasty!  This dough based feast is traditionally eaten in Armenia. As many Armenians have been displaced from their home country, their famous dishes have travelled around the world with them. The country has had many influences over the years, notably from other Middle Eastern countries which is where the similarities to pizza come in.


Sasoun Bakery


To taste traditional Lamajo in Los Angeles a trip to Sasoun Bakery is in order. Sasouns has five Armenian bakeries throughout LA, including two in Glendale and one in Hollywood, Reseda and Van Nuys. Headed up by David Yeretsian, Sasoun has been delivering high-quality baked goods to Armenians and all those living in LA for over half a century. The team take pride in all of the dishes that they serve which means that they have a huge following of loyal fans who cannot get enough of Armenian meat pizza.


To get your hands on a traditional Armenian meat pizza head to your local branch of LA based Sasoun Bakery. We have been making Lamajune and other traditional

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