The Rise of Family Bakeries in Los Angeles


03 June 2022

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The Rise of Family Bakeries in Los Angeles

The Rise of Family Bakeries in Los Angeles


Los Angeles is packed full of food establishments that showcase food from all over the world, from top-class sushi restaurants to food truck pizza brands. With so many influences from around the word on the food that we eat, more and more people are starting up small businesses and are getting back to basics when it comes to food. That means that processed food is on the decline and freshly prepared food is more popular than ever.




One such business that has seen a promising rise, pardon the pun, is the bakery business. Years ago you will have seen a bakery in every street corner but with the rise of supermarkets and fast food, bakeries became few and far between. Now you can see all kinds of bakeries popping up all over Los Angeles. Whether you like French bakeries or modern American bakeries, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for more adventurous dough baked goods then a visit to a traditional Armenian Bakery will be very exciting for you.


Sasoun Bakery


Sasoun Bakery is a family led business that has been trading for over a decade and sells traditional Armenian goods, such as lahmajune and burek, also known as beorek. Our best seller is the very tasty Meat borek that consists of freshly made flaky dough that is filled with ground beef and spices. Armenian people have been eating meat beorek for hundreds of years and you can now taste our family inspired recipe in our stores throughout Los Angeles.


Great Food at Great Prices


The great thing about bakeries is that you can buy high-quality food at a great price. Usually cheaper food is heavy, greasy or simply not appetizing, but not when it comes to freshly baked goods. Head to Sasoun Bakery for a snack on the go or for a cheap but tasty lunch.


If you want to try the best meat beorek in Los Angeles, Sasoun Bakery has an array of goodies available in our Glendale, Hollywood, Van Nuys and Reseda.

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