Sasoun Bakery Beorek

If you are on the lookout for great meat and cheese Boreg, also known as borek, Meat Boreg, burek, and Meat borek in LA then Sasoun Bakery is number one. Sasoun has branches in Hollywood, Glendale, Van Nuys and Reseda— all of which are loved by locals and tourists alike.




The Sasoun team take pride in a strong Armenian heritage delivers unique recipes that stay with tradition but allow us to put our own stamp on things. Our boreg (also borek, Meat Boreg, burek, or Meat borek) is made of a dough that is much loved in Armenia and is filled with a variety of filling including cheese, spinach and meat. It is generally ground beef that is used for the meat although some bakeries will use lamb. Our family-led team use a traditional blend of spices to being the ingredients together and we have to say the results are amazing!


Come and Say Hello


If you are reading this and are wondering why you have never tasted boreg then grab a few friends over the weekend and pay Sasoun a visit. You can eat in at some of our bakeries but all of our recipes are ideal for taking out, whether it be a picnic at the park or a party at your friends house. All of our dishes are affordable and the prices offer great value for money.


To taste the best boreg (borek, Meat Boreg, burke and Meat borek) look up your nearest Sasoun Bakery and we will have a fresh batch of dough on the oven ready and waiting.

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