Sasoun Glendale Bakery

Glendale Bakery Sasoun serves traditional Armenian recipes that are much loved both in Armenia and now in Los Angeles


For those who love to treat themselves from time to time and baked goods are the treat of choice, a trip to Glendale bakery Sasoun should be on the cards. Sasoun bakery in Glendale serves up authentic Armenia food such as boreg and Lahmajeen—both dough based recipes.


Eating Out In Glendale


There are many great bars, restaurants, cafes and street food outlets in glendale as the area serves lots of business, home and tourist attractions such as Dreamworks Studios and Walt Disney. A trip to Glendale bakery Sasoun is one of the highlights of the food scene in Los Angeles and is often frequented by groups of friends and family looking for high quality baked goods.


One of Five Bakeries


As well as our flagship Glendale bakery, Sasoun has 5 bakeries in Los Angeles. There is a second Glendale bakery as well as stores on Hollywood, Van Nuys and Reseda. All of our bakeries are family run and have a dedicated team of staff who have been trained to a level that our ancestors in Armenia would be proud off.


Great at Anytime of the Day


The cost of our boreg, Lahmajeena and other Armenian baked goods is very affordable and we always aim to keep it that way without compromising on quality. If things are tight and you cannot afford a meal out in a traditional Glendale restaurant then heading to us is a great idea. Our food can be eaten at any time of the day, whether it be for lunch, dinner or a late night snack after a few beers.


To try food at the best Glendale bakery, head to the wonderful Sasoun for tasty treats and friendly customer service.

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