The Number One Bakery In Glendale

Located in the heart of Glendale,Sasoun Bakery has been serving exquisite Armenian recipes for the past 27 years. The Armenian bakery is renowned for the superior quality and unique flavour contained in all of its recipes, particular when it comes to boreg and lahmajune. Boreg and lahmajune are the best sellers at Armenian bakeries as LA residents and tourists have come to love these tasty Middle Eastern treats.


A Superior Bakery in Glendale


The famous boreg and lahmajune at Sasoun Bakery consists pastries and dough that is handmade by a family led team who stay true to their Armenian routes. Glendale is an area that is rich in Armenian culture and therefore has lots of great places to eat and buy traditional Armenian dough based recipes. While we have to agree that you will never be short of a great bakery in Glendale, our customers constantly let us know that we are the best bakery in Glendale.


Number One Bakery in Glendale when it comes to Value for Money


Every bakery in Glendale has their own secret recipes when it comes to baking traditional Armenian goods like lahmajune and boreg and some charge a lot of money for their premium products. With Sasoun Bakery you can depend on the premium pastries and recipes that you would expect from a Glendale bakery alongside affordable prices. Our bakery products are enjoyed by people of all ages and we pride ourselves on offering great value for money to our loyal customers.


If you want to experience the best bakery in Glendale then head to Sasoun Bakery at either the W. Glenoaks Blvd. branch or the 625 E Colorado Street branch—we will have the ovens at the ready!

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