The Top Foods Trends In LA 2022

If you are a big foodie and look to LA for influence we have taken a look at the current food trends of 2020 to help you stay in the know.


 Menus with more Dietary Alternatives


While most top-end or chain restaurants can cater to personal dietary requirements, 2020 has already seen a rise in the number of smaller businesses and food trucks catering for those with certain diets. Here at Sasoun Bakery, we take care to cater to those with allergies and we have a large section of vegetarian options at each of our 5 stores.


Cross-Cultural Cuisine


Mixing up cuisines has been popular in some areas, such as the great Pan-Asian food on offer in restaurants and in stores but 2022 is opening up more variety. At Sasoun Bakery Los Angeles we mix all of the best flavors from the Middle East, Armenian, and Syrian food alongside some American influences. This is why we are the best bakery Los Angeles has to offer.


Low Alcohol Beer and Wine


With a focus on staying healthy and reducing alcohol intake, there has been a surge in craft breweries producing great tasting beers that won’t damage your liver. There is also a movement of wineries producing low alcohol and low calories wines.


Meat Blends


Blending meat with vegetables, such as steak and mushroom burgers, is on the rise in LA and across the world. With the focus on eating healthier and reducing meat consumption, this is a smart idea for those who do not want to completely give up meat. At Sasoun Bakery Los Angeles we blend dough and meat so that you have yummy treat that is not always so meat heavy!


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