Treat Your Staff To An Authentic Armenian Lunch

If you are planning to order lunch for your staff as a treat want to try something different why not try authentic Armenian food? Armenian food is packed full of flavor with herbs and spices such as zatar, cumin, and coriander used to make the best Meat borek and lahmajun that LA has to offer. There are lots of dough and pastry based dishes which are fresh and quick to prepare so even if you need a fast lunch we have you covered.


Sasoun Bakery


Many of our customers, both residents and tourists alike, agree that we make awesome breakfasts that are delivered with a smile. Here are just a few of the kind words that people have said about Sasoun Bakery Los Angeles


Whenever I’m in the neighborhood I stop by and pick up some Lahmajune & a Large Cheese Beroke (forgive my spelling).” 


Everything here is tasty and cheap! I am so glad that I found this place while I was googling. The Lahmajune is flavorful and simply good.The spinach boreak was excellent too.The portions are small but they are delicious


Great Value and Great Customer Service


If you want to enjoy great Armenian dishes, whether at an event space, your office, or in house, we can help you do that at a great price. To enjoy the best lahmajune and work LA has to offer  come and visit Sasoun Bakery today and arrange for a staff lunch. We can design a custom menu for your team and have it delivered or ready for pick up.

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